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Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted
Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted
Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted


Yacht crew wanted

AIS is the acronym for “Automatic Identification System”.
A VHF radio based system used by commercial shipping since 2004.
AIS detects virtually any commercial shipping within a 400+ square Mile area surrounding your position and warns you of their presence.
The software sounds an alarm well in advance of when a collision is probable.
AIS also shows on screen the most likely point of impact, the ships current GPS position, speed and course.
Knowing this information gives one plenty time to take action and avoid a collision.
The transmitted AIS data are updated Automatically every few seconds
For safety at sea, every yacht can and should have access to this information.

AIS Basics

AIS General Install

AIS on MaxSea

AIS on Shipplotter



Yacht crew wanted

Sailing Directions are published by the US National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA)
Sailing Directions, covering the harbors, coasts, and waters of the world, provide information that cannot be shown graphically on nautical charts and is not readily available elsewhere.
Sailing Directions (Planning Guide) are intended to assist mariners in planning ocean passages and to eliminate duplication by consolidating useful information about all the countries adjacent to a particular ocean basin in one volume.

Sailing Directions

Pacific and SE Asia



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